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Enhance your property's allure with Andrew Kopanev, a Barcelona-based expert in real estate photography. Specializing in capturing the unique charm of apartments, hotels, restaurants, and businesses, my visuals not only elevate spaces in Spain but across Europe, accelerating sales and rentals in competitive markets.

¡Hola! I'm Andrew Kopanev, a specialized interior and aerial photographer based in the heart of Barcelona. Originating from the architectural world of Saint Petersburg, my expertise has been honed to perfection through official accreditation and specialized training by Airbnb for premium properties.


My primary focus lies in capturing the inner essence of buildings — from cozy apartments to grand hotels and bustling business spaces. Integrating interior photography with aerial perspectives when needed, I provide a comprehensive visual story of each property. These images not only showcase the interiors in their finest light but also include the broader context of their surroundings, offering a complete narrative of the space.


Whether it’s the vibrant interiors within Spain or across the diverse landscapes of Europe, my goal is to elevate your property’s presence in the market. I bring spaces to life through my lens, ensuring they appeal not just to the eyes, but to the hearts of your potential clients.

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Client Testimonials

Discover what our satisfied clients say about their experience with Andrew Kopanev's professional photography services. From real estate to hotel interiors, these testimonials highlight the quality, efficiency, and impact of our work in Barcelona and beyond.

Hotel Posta Moltrasio

Collaborating with Andrew Kopanev for our Hotel Posta Moltrasio's photo shoot on Lake Como was an impressive experience. His proficiency in real estate photography, particularly as a hotel and interior photographer, was evident in the exquisite images of our rooms, restaurant, and the overall setting.


Andrew's exceptional skill in capturing the ambiance and details of interior spaces made him stand out as a leading photographer in this field. His professionalism and artistic approach to interior and architectural photography greatly enhanced the visual appeal of our property.


As a top-tier interior photographer, Andrew's work brilliantly highlighted the unique elegance and charm of Hotel Posta Moltrasio. We highly recommend his services to those seeking outstanding hotel and real estate photography.



Real Estate Agency

As a leading real estate photographer in Barcelona, Andrew Kopanev has brought an invaluable edge to our property listings. Specializing in interior photography and real estate photography for salons, his work distinctly showcases each property's unique appeal. 


Andrew's proficiency as a hotel photographer is evident in his ability to capture the essence of spaces, making them highly attractive for potential buyers and renters. His competitive real estate photography rates in Barcelona have made high-quality visuals accessible for our various projects.


As an interior photographer in Barcelona, Andrew's attention to detail and aesthetic sense elevate our properties, resulting in faster rentals and sales at desirable prices. His expertise in hotel photography, combined with reasonable real estate photography tariffs, makes him a top choice for anyone looking to enhance their hotel's visual presentation.


In summary, Andrew Kopanev is not just a real estate photographer; he is an asset to anyone aiming to excel in Barcelona's dynamic property market.



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